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At BMJ, our products reflect our vast expertise that extends from publishing to clinical decision support and medical education and events. They are proven to enhance health professionals’ day to day decision-making and improve patient care. 

Whilst our focus on BMJ’s overarching vision to create a healthier world remains unchanged, we continuously adapt to the fast-evolving clinical landscape by remaining innovative and digitally adept.


Introducing BMJ Impact Analytics

Are you a funder, academic, or corporate organisation keen to discover the real-world impact of your research? We’ve collaborated with Overton to develop a unique and powerful research impact tool, to do just that. View the first impact tool of its kind >>

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  • Co creator of BMJ Impact Analytics, the only impact tool focused on health and social care.
  • First to market with the Comorbidities Manager
  • Proven to create shorter confirmed diagnosis times and hospitalisation days

BMJ Impact Analytics

BMJ Impact Analytics is the first and only research impact tool focused on health and social care

BMJ Impact Analytics helps funders, academic institutions, and corporate organisations discover where their research has been cited in clinical guidance and health policies worldwide. It uniquely shows direct links to patient outcomes (decision support tools) and provides citations in context. 

BMJ Impact Analytics combines Overton’s data knowledge with BMJ’s health expertise in one powerful tool that covers the breadth of the best available medical sources. It contains up to 50% more data on health related outputs than similar products, to help users:

  • identify the real-world impact of their medical research
  • make funding decisions confidently
  • gain insights into how their research has influenced medical practice
  • target their research funding to influence health outcomes
BMJ Impact Analytics

Clinical decision support

Creating better decisions with better evidence

Research alone is not enough. BMJ helps doctors improve their knowledge and skills, apply the best evidence, and make better clinical decisions with evidence-based tools and services underpinned by the latest guidance.

New to the market in 2021, the Comorbidities Manager from BMJ Best Practice is the first of its kind to help clinicians treat the whole patient, and is already supporting healthcare professionals around the world to make the best decisions.

Comorbidities Manager from BMJ Best Practice BMJ Best Practice Request electronic health integration (EHR) Subscribe to BMJ Best Practice

Medical education

Enhancing students’ knowledge and progressing clinical careers

Clinicians begin developing the skills and knowledge they need in medical school and continue developing them through residency and into practice.  

Our exam preparation and accredited online learning to support them every step of the way – from passing exams, earning CPD and getting published to improving the knowledge and care they provide to patients. The resources we create are written by qualified experts and are based on the latest evidence, guidelines, and best practices.

BMJ Learning BMJ OnExamination Research to Publication

Reflecting on our recent impact

In April 2022, Health Education England renewed their partnership with BMJ Best Practice, as did NHS Education for Scotland and NHS Wales. This means that BMJ Best Practice is available to all health professionals in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as large hospitals and medical schools globally.

BMJ Best Practice is the only clinical decision support tool that has been procured at a national level for England.

In a recent user survey of BMJ Best Practice, more than 70% of users scored it ‘above average’ or ‘excellent’ across the board. It scored particularly well for ‘ease of use and navigation,’ and ‘quality of content’, with more than 85% of users scoring it ‘above average or ‘excellent’ for these attributes.

Shorter confirmed diagnosis times and hospitalisation days Improved accuracy of clinicians’ diagnoses

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