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BMJ Innovations partners with WISH

to accelerate sharing of health innovations

BMJ Innovations partners with WISH

Monday 19 April 2021

Today, BMJ Innovations announced a strategic partnership with The World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH), Qatar Foundation’s global health initiative. The partnership will help advance their shared vision of a healthier world by disseminating evidence-based and best-practice innovation.

Since first published in 2015, BMJ Innovations (the specialist peer-reviewed online journal from BMJ) has focused on emerging digital health, medical devices, process and system innovations. This new partnership with WISH will increase the publication of the best available original research, provide greater global access to evidence-based innovation practice, and support the development of themed issues on topics where new innovations can make an impact.

The announcement of this new partnership comes as BMJ Innovations relaunches with a new editorial board. The online journal has a global focus on accelerating the adoption of the latest innovations that can significantly impact health.

Since 1840 BMJ has strived to be at the cutting edge of medical innovation. In 1847 it published the first reports on the discovery of chloroform and the role in anaesthesia; the key papers by Joseph Lister in 1867 on antisepsis; the link between Anopheles mosquito and malaria in 1898; and the first report on smoking and lung cancer by Doll and Bradford Hill in 1950.

Ashley McKimm, Editor-in-Chief of BMJ Innovations, said: “WISH and BMJ Innovations have a shared vision of a healthier world through better global collaboration, which will be particularly important leading on from the current pandemic. Alongside the huge human cost of covid-19, we’ve seen many innovations, such as mRNA vaccines and AI, that will make a positive legacy on health long after we’ve brought the pandemic under control. I hope that this new partnership with WISH will help accelerate the adoption of these and other innovations to improve health outcomes worldwide.”

Sultana Afdhal, Chief Executive Officer of WISH Qatar, said: “The World Innovation for Health was created to promote, showcase and encourage innovation in the health sector. Through its mission of gathering leading healthcare experts, it does this to seek novel solutions to global health challenges.   

More than ever, we are seeing the significant benefit of nurturing a robust relationship between health and innovation, so we are very excited to become the strategic partner of BMJ Innovations and look forward to actively working together to highlight and scrutinise the best thinking in this vital sector.”

The April issue of BMJ Innovations has a special focus on the developed or mature innovations during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was published on Monday, 19 April at


About BMJ Innovations

BMJ Innovations is a peer-reviewed online journal focused on emerging digital health, medical devices, process and system innovations. The journal champions high-quality original research, early-stage innovation reports, and systemic and narrative reviews.

Along with a rich mix of news, discussion and debate it aims to ensure innovators, clinicians, leaders and policymakers stay informed on and accelerate the adoption of the latest innovations that will make the biggest impact on health.

About the World Innovation Summit for Health

The World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) is a global healthcare community dedicated to capturing and disseminating the best evidence-based ideas and practices. WISH is an initiative of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) and is under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, its Chairperson.

The inaugural WISH Summit took place in Doha in 2013 and convened more than 1,000 global healthcare leaders. Through international summits and a range of ongoing initiatives, WISH creates a global community of leading innovators in healthcare policy, research, and industry. 

Together, they harness the power of innovation to overcome the world’s most urgent healthcare challenges and inspire other stakeholders to action.

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