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Acceptance rate: 15%

Time to first decision*:            2 days

Citescore: 18.1

Journal Impact Factor: 5.2

JIF Rank (Psychiatry):                48/155

Formerly known as Evidence-Based Mental Health

*without review

Acceptance rate: 28%

Time to first decision*:            4 days

Citescore: 18.9

Journal Impact Factor: 11.9



Acceptance rate: 9%

Time to first decision*:            4 days

Citescore: 15.9

Journal Impact Factor: 11

JIF Rank (Clinical Neurology): 10/212 


Acceptance rate: 47%

Time to first decision*:             6 days

Citescore: 4.4

Journal Impact Factor:  2.9

JIF Rank (Medical, General & Internal): 77/167 

 Launched in 2022

Acceptance rate: 8%

Time to first decision: 58 days

Citescore: 15.3

Journal Impact Factor: 105.7

JIF Rank (Medical, General & Internal): 4/167

Psychiatry: 2022 open access highlights

Most read open access articles published in 2022:

Our open access content received on average 7 times more views than other content.


Top mentioned open access articles published in 2022:

School-based mindfulness training in early adolescence: what works, for whom and how in the MYRIAD trial?



Investigating genetic causal relationships between blood pressure and anxiety, depressive symptoms, neuroticism and subjective well-being



Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of universal school-based mindfulness training compared with normal school provision in reducing risk of mental health problems and promoting well-being in adolescence: the MYRIAD cluster randomised controlled trial



Delirium and the risk of developing dementia: a cohort study of 12 949 patients



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BMJ Oncology is an open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing across the broad spectrum of cancer research, investigation, treatment and practice. Its mission is to optimise cancer care and improve patient outcomes. The journal prioritises high quality original research and review papers across the broad spectrum of cancer research, investigation, treatment and practice.

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BMJ Public Health is an open access, peer-reviewed journal covering all aspects of public health, from global issues such as the impact of climate change on population health, to studies conducted at a local level. The journal will work with the public health community, at all levels, to publish rigorous qualitative and quantitative research and analysis to drive evidence-based public health policy and practice.

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eGastroenterology is an open-access, open peer-reviewed journal that focuses on publishing high quality research in the fields of gastroenterology, hepatology, pancreatology, esophagology, gastrointestinal surgery, and science. Our primary aim is to provide a platform for communication and collaboration among researchers and clinicians engaged in the fields of basic, clinical, and translational medicine research in gastroenterology and hepatology. The ultimate goal is to promote the translation of basic science into clinical practice and benefit patients through the best scientific evidence available.

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