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Acceptance rate: 54%

Time to first decision: 38 days

Citescore: 3.5

Acceptance rate: 40%

Time to first decision: 59 days

Citescore: 3.7

Journal Impact Factor: 2.692

JIF Rank (Medical, General & Internal): 64/169


Acceptance rate: 18%

Time to first decision: 16 days

Citescore: 19.2

Journal Impact Factor: 13.8

JIF Rank (Sports Sciences): 1/88


Sports medicine: 2021 open access highlights

Most read open access articles published in 2021:

Our open access content received 7 times more views than other content.


Top mentioned open access articles in the press last year:

Joint association between accelerometry-measured daily combination of time spent in physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep and all-cause mortality: a pooled analysis of six prospective cohorts using compositional analysis



Unique diagnostic signatures of concussion in the saliva of male athletes: the Study of Concussion in Rugby Union through MicroRNAs (SCRUM)



Risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission from on-field player contacts in amateur, youth and professional football (soccer)



Leisure time physical activity throughout adulthood is associated with lower medicare costs: evidence from the linked NIH-AARP diet and health study cohort


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BMJ Medicine is a new international open access, multispecialty journal that seeks to promote multidisciplinary collaboration through encouraging scientific debate, and exchange of new knowledge and ideas to improve the health of patients and the public. Closely aligned with The BMJ, BMJ Medicine prioritises high impact research, specialist reviews, and diverse research methods papers with the potential to improve clinical practice, policy, and medical science.

BMJ Oncology is a new BMJ journal that will optimize cancer patient care and improve outcomes. An open access, online format supports the global reach and impact of BMJ Oncology content. The journal invites oncology experts to submit high-quality original research and review papers. Publishing consideration will be extended to papers that provide sound science across the broad spectrum of cancer research, investigation, treatment and practice.

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