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BMJ Case Reports

BMJ Case Reports on-demand webinar: 
What you need to know

Take a tour of this popular journal with Editor-in-Chief, Seema Biswas, PhD, FRCS – relevant to both current  and interested subscribers

Watch the recording for expert insight and tips on:

~ Publishing: How does the Editorial team evaluate submitted cases?
~ Searching: Navigate 20k+ case reports to find what you want
~ Medical education: Using case reports to support clinical learning
~ Integration: Ensure widespread adoption among faculty and students
~ Common questions: Items such as patient request forms will be discussed

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BMJ Best Practice 

BMJ Best Practice – Treat the whole patient webinar for Canada: 
Manage their acute presentation alongside existing conditions

BP webinar

BMJ Best Practice with its exclusive Comorbidities Manager is the ONLY clinical decision support tool designed to address chronic conditions.  

Dr. Kieran Walsh, Clinical Director at BMJ, walks you through the significant benefits of the BMJ Best Practice EBM tool with our unique Comorbidities Manager and demonstrates the ease of use. Dr. Walsh has many years of experience in online medical education and a vast understanding of utilizing clinical decision-support resources to the fullest. In addition, he has years of experience using programs to strengthen health systems.

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Research to Publication

Research to Publication on-demand webinar: 
Use Case

Research to Publication is a research methodology and publishing program specifically designed for doctors and healthcare researchers, brought to you by BMJ in collaboration with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

Originally developed by UCSF and BMJ to reduce health research waste, Research to Publication has been proven to help institutions improve research skill levels and increase published articles.

Watch the recording product experts as they help you determine the best use cases for your organization.

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Research to Publication white paper: 
Learn how we improved the quality and quantity of published works at one institution. 

Read our white paper: UNAM Research to Publication white paper


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