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BMJ Case Reports is an invaluable collection of clinically-important cases on common and rare conditions across a wide range of specialties. This comprehensive collection of cases supports healthcare professionals, researchers and allied professionals alike, to improve patient outcomes through shared knowledge.

  • Explore the largest collection of clinical case reports - search and browse over 27,000 case reports across different specialities, and learn from common and rare real-world clinical scenarios
  • Unlimited submissions - submit as many case reports as you like
  • Optimise your learning – freely use diagrams, flowcharts and algorithms for personal and teaching purposes without further permission
  • Gain international recognition - by publishing in this valuable collection
  • Engage and share knowledge - rate cases, comment, and connect through rapid responses
  • Patient-centred learning - many of our cases offer a unique patient perspective detailing their experience of illness, treatment, recovery and rehabilitation
  • Advocate for improved clinical practice globally - our collection of global health case reports focus on the challenges in providing care to vulnerable populations


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BMJ publishes the world's largest repository of case reports, BMJ Case Reports, now with nearly 27,000 cases and growing.