Who we are

Who we are

BMJ is a global healthcare knowledge provider with a vision for a healthier world. We share knowledge and expertise to improve health outcomes.

Our vision exemplifies the fact that we are a global company. Our reach goes beyond supporting clinicians in their daily practice to delivering content that positively impacts all medical communities and people's health worldwide.

We do this by partnering with more than 11,000 medical organizations worldwide so they can provide their users with the best available resources. We make our content available in 18 languages, and create evidence-based subscription-based products to help clinicians better tackle today’s most critical healthcare challenges. It is inspiring to see the rapid growth of students and qualified doctors around the globe progressing their careers and achieving accreditation with our e-learning modules and events.

Our expertise extends from publishing and medical education to clinical decision support and events to enhance day-to-day decision-making and healthcare delivery. Whilst our focus remains unchanged, we continuously adapt to the changing research landscape by remaining innovative and competitive.

Making a difference

Having an impact by enabling better decisions and creating better systems with better evidence

Everything we do at BMJ is to support health professionals to improve their practice and deliver the best care through better evidence, better decisions, and better systems. In our latest impact report, we have benchmarked where there have been improvements as a direct result of the work we have undertaken during the period from May 2021 to August 2022.

Achieving improved health outcomes is a constant process, and we will never stop seeking to improve the impact we have.


Our values

As a values-driven company, we work with the vision for ‘a healthier world’. Our values exemplify who we are and it gives us the focus and direction to bring about our vision for a healthier world by sharing knowledge and expertise to improve healthcare outcomes.

Who we are as a value driven company

Proud of our people    ♦    Independent, courageous and unbiased    ♦   Patient-centered and customer-focused    ♦    Evidence-based     ♦    Transparent, open and trusted

Values in action

Our values are more than just a vision. They represent the work we do every day and are integrated into our business decisions and strategy.

Informing clinical practice worldwide

BMJ Best Practice gives users instant and intuitive access to more than 6000 clinical guidelines and 700 Cochrane Clinical Answers.  

The evidence-based clinical support decision tool is independently ranked one of the best clinical decision support tools for health professionals worldwide. 

  • Evidence-based
  • Transparent, open, and trusted
  • Patient-centered and customer-focused

Patient included

The BMJ is the first-ever medical journal to receive the ‘Patients Included’ award for its strategy to encourage doctors and patients to work together as partners to improve healthcare.

“People with experience of illness and using health services have much to teach us,” says Patient Partnership Editor, Dr. Tessa Richards. 

  • Patient-centered and customer-focused
  • Proud of our people
  • Transparent, open, and trusted