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Integrity in research means conducting and producing research that is honest, rigorous, transparent and open, and undertaken with care and respect. 

At BMJ, we actively promote ethical conduct among scientists around the world by giving researchers and institutions a safe platform to share their research or raise concerns.

Honesty, accountability, professionalism, and stewardship

Our dedicated research integrity team applies the Singapore statement's core principles to all their interactions with authors who choose to publish within The BMJ or any of our BMJ journals collections of specialty titles. 

From publishing research to investigating and responding to allegations of misconduct, we always treat researchers and institutions fairly and courteously so that they have a safe platform to share their research or raise concerns. We do this collectively by working in partnership with editors and publishing staff on all issues related to research integrity, at every stage of the publication process.

These processes mean that readers, researchers, and funders can be assured that manuscripts published by BMJ have passed the most rigorous review for ethical standards and research integrity.