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Healthcare is at the heart of government agendas worldwide.

Many governments face similar challenges: growing demand for services, increasing costs and inequalities of access, quality and diverse patient outcomes. Improving medical knowledge, systems, processes, attitudes and behaviours in healthcare all have a significant impact on these challenges.

BMJ works in partnership with governments across the world to support their strategic healthcare objectives, respecting their skills and experience and taking time to understand their unique challenges before suggesting joint initiatives to build knowledge and improve the quality of patient care.

We can provide the very best tools and services to help local clinicians develop their knowledge and skills, practice evidence-based medicine, and improve outcomes for their patients. Our expertise ranges from research, publication and clinical decision support to data interpretation and quality improvement capabilities.

Through joint research and knowledge sharing, we help drive the development of high quality, consistent, evidence-based healthcare to improve patient outcomes.

We aim to get the right knowledge, to the right individuals, at the right time, and we always seek to use and develop local resources to build capacity and capability in local healthcare.

Read our stories below on how our work with the Ministries of Health in Brazil and Iraq has improved outcomes.

Supporting patient care in China

Supporting patient care in China

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