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for all NHS staff and learners in England

BMJ Best Practice

Nationally funded, free to the NHS in England.

BMJ Best Practice provides healthcare professionals with access to the latest clinical information. It is the only point-of-care tool that supports the management of the whole patient by including guidance on the treatment of a patient’s acute condition, alongside their pre-existing comorbidities through its unique Comorbidities Manager. With the BMJ Best Practice app, you have unlimited access to clinical answers, online or offline.

How to access BMJ Best Practice for the first time via OpenAthens.

2. Download the BMJ Best Practice app

All your answers, all in one app. Unlimited access anywhere, anytime. It’s easy to find answers quickly on or offline with the BMJ Best Practice App.

Follow these 3 quick steps

  1. Visit your Apple or Google play store and search for ‘BMJ Best Practice’ to download.
  2. Select OpenAthens and enter your OpenAthens details to sign in and download the content.

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BMJ Best Practice Resources to get started today

Watch tutorial videos


1. How to access BMJ Best Practice via your institution’s network

4. Important Updates on BMJ Best Practice

2. How to download the BMJ Best Practice app

5. Junior Doctor Induction video

3. Searching and browsing on BMJ Best Practice



User guides

Access support

If you need further support, please visit:, or email:

FAQ’s are available on the new OpenAthens journey here

You can also find your local NHS library and knowledge service at To register for an OpenAthens account, go to


Training Webinars – 30 minutes

Book your training session

Join one of our training sessions, designed to demonstrate the use of BMJ Best Practice which answers any clinical questions and supports decision making at the point of care. 

Webinar On-Demand

BMJ Best Practice: Evidence-based knowledge and digital education for pharmacists

In this webinar, Dr. Kieran Walsh, BMJ Clinical Director, and Helena Delgado-Cohen, BMJ Clinical Engagement Manager and Pharmacist discuss how BMJ Best Practice can help pharmacists.

They explain how BMJ Best Practice can help with drug and non-drug management. They show how the Comorbidities Manager can help with the care of patients with multiple conditions. They also outline how you can get the most out of the resource – from using its medical calculators to sharing its patient information leaflets to tracking your CPD.


Watch webinar now



BMJ Supportive and Palliative Care

BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care is a journal covering all disciplines and specialties in palliative research. It holds an inclusive view of supportive and palliative care research and is able to call on expertise to critique the whole range of methodologies within the subject, including those working in transitional research, clinical trials, epidemiology, behavioural sciences, ethics and health service research. 

Many different categories of clinician and healthcare workers do clinical work associated with palliative medicine, specialist or generalist palliative care, supportive care, psychosocial-oncology and end of life care. The journal content will be of relevance to many specialties, not only those traditionally associated with supportive and palliative care: doctors, nurses, other healthcare workers and researchers in medical and surgical specialties, including but not limited to cardiology, gastroenterology, geriatrics, neurology, oncology, paediatrics, primary care, psychiatry, psychology, renal medicine, respiratory medicine.

The best ways in to the journal content:

  • Go to “Latest content” – and see all our latest articles, as they publish online
  • Go to “Current issue” and find all the content from our latest issue in one place
  • Browse by “Collection” – to see content in specific areas
  • Go to our “Most read” articles to see what your peers are reading
  • Check out our “Top cited” articles to see which research is making the biggest impact
  • Follow us on X for the latest news in the community
  • Explore our latest blog posts – and our blog archive

To access, you will need your OpenAthen’s login credentials.

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Essential resources to support healthcare professionals 

Our interactive flyers focus on the most important topics within clinical practice, featuring clinical guidance, journal articles, podcasts and more:


Alcohol and Drug Abuse Asthma Cardiology COPD
COVID-19 Dermatology Diabetes GP Toolkit
Men’s Health Mental Health Resilience in Healthcare Scarlet Fever
Sepsis Women’s Health    



Essential resources to support postgraduate doctors during their inductions

Nationally funded, free to the NHS in England.

Confidently treat patients with BMJ Best Practice:

  1. Now including access to the Comorbidities Manager to treat the whole patient
  2. Differential diagnosis and treatment algorithms
  3. An award-winning app
  4. Clinical information that mirrors the patient consultation
  5. Videos covering the most common clinical procedures
  6. ‘Important Update’ alerts for evidence changes
  7. Over 500 integrated medical calculators
  8. 500 patient leaflets

Discover why healthcare professionals love using BMJ Best Practice

Read real-life stories from healthcare professionals shaping the future of patient care using evidence-based medicine from BMJ Best Practice.

Clinical Scenarios

Can you diagnose this patient?




Hear from others about their experience using BMJ Best Practice

Read real-life stories from healthcare professionals shaping the future of patient care using evidence-based medicine from BMJ Best Practice.


Could you be the next BMJ Best Practice Clinical Champion?


BMJ Best Practice Clinical Champions are Doctors, Nurse, Midwives, GPs, Paramedics and AHPs who raise awareness and use of BMJ Best Practice by actively promoting and supporting its use locally within their organisation, professional groups and networks. Clinical Champions have the flexibility to promote BMJ Best Practice as and when opportunities arise. They are recognised as key contributors to the continuous development of the tool and undertake a valuable role in the campaign to ensure that all NHS staff are aware of and are confident in the use of BMJ Best Practice.

Hear from some of our Champions:

“BMJ Best Practice provides evidence-based support to clinicians, enabling reliable decision making. Undertaking the role of a Clinical Champion allows me to contribute to the development of this essential resource and help to make a positive impact on patient care across the NHS”

Dr Neel Kothari
FY2 Doctor
Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust


“BMJ Best Practice is a reliable resource which facilitates safe, sensible and open discussion about patient diagnosis and treatment. Being a Clinical Champion allows me to enable colleagues to effectively access this and bolster multidisciplinary team-working dynamics”


Dr Amil Mair
FY1 General Surgery
County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust


“All doctors have had to take the nerve-wracking dive into on-call shifts. By undertaking the role of BMJ Best Practice Clinical Champion, I’m advocating for an app that improves that experience by supplying evidence-based medical advice at the touch of a button”


Dr Alex Screawn
FY3 General Medicine
South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust


“Being a BMJ Best Practice Clinical Champion is a sociable and rewarding way to help clinical staff feel more confident in their professional roles”


Dr Sarah Aldridge
Infectious Diseases Clinical Research Fellow, FY3
Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust

If you are interested to learn more about becoming a BMJ Best Practice Clinical Champion or about introducing the role within your Trust, please download the role flyer or contact