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    Our dedicated team actively promotes ethical conduct among scientists around the world by giving your researchers a safe platform to share their research or raise concerns.

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    The impact that academic research has cannot be defined by one single metric. This is why we make our metrics transparent and available for anyone who is interested.

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    It can be disheartening for authors to have their research papers rejected. That's why we provide a simple submission and peer-review article transfer service.

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How we are making a difference

Everything we do at BMJ is to support health professionals to improve their practice and deliver the best care through better evidence, better decisions, and better systems.

In our latest impact report, we have benchmarked where there have been improvements as a direct result of the work we have undertaken during the period from May 2021 to August 2022.

Achieving improved health outcomes is a constant process, and we will never stop seeking to improve the impact we have.

What makes The BMJ so successful, even after 180 years?

One year on, after our flagship journal's 180th anniversary, The BMJ editor in chief Kamran Abbasi gives an in-depth overview of how The BMJ journal differs from other leading general medical journals in its areas of focus, mission and vision. He also reveals what's in store for the journal in terms of innovating within a heavily evolving digital and open access landscape.

Our impact

BMJ is helping to improve health outcomes and create a healthier world. See the difference we made during the past year in our latest impact report.