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BMJ has always offered flexible working options to help our staff balance out their work and personal life. As an organisation, we are aware of the ongoing challenges in the aftermath of the pandemic and always put the health and wellbeing of our staff first. 

This means we take a sympathetic approach to flexible working: allowing our staff to work with their managers to reduce their workloads, extend project deadlines, and take extended annual leave.

They can also take time off to use the support systems we provide, such as counselling, free flu vaccinations, osteopath appointments, and much more. We always encourage staff to make the best use of their time and maintain a good sense of health and wellbeing.

Working remotely/ from home: we have a ‘hybrid working’ approach where working remotely is the current norm.

Finish at 4 Friday: work an extra 15 minutes each day of the week and finish at 4pm on Friday.

Taking 0.5 days off a week: work extra time in the week and leave at lunch time on Friday.

Working a 9-day fortnight: work longer to accrue hours to take one day off per fortnight.  

Overall, as an organisation, we try to provide as much flexibility as possible whilst recognising the importance of keeping BMJ working towards our vision of a healthier world. 

Under provisions set out in the Employment Rights Act 1996 and regulations made under it, all employees have a statutory right to ask their employer to change their contractual terms and conditions of employment to work. Any eligible employee can apply to work flexibly for any reason, whether for ill-health, disability, parental or carer duties, or personal preference.  

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Rhenu Selli
BMJ human resources department