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BMJ Group is a global healthcare knowledge provider. Our vision of a healthier world drives our five lines of business.

By sharing knowledge and expertise, we help improve patient outcomes through better evidence, decisions, and systems.


  • Serving10 million online users every month

  • Maintaining The BMJ’s ranking within the top 5 of all 169 general medical journals 

  • Supporting management of the whole patient by being ‘first to market’ with a Comorbidities Manager

1. The BMJ 

By continuously ensuring the highest editorial standards and embracing technological advances, The BMJ has become a globally recognised and trusted source of information for medical researchers and practitioners.

Our flagship title is consistently listed as one of the world’s top five most cited general medical journals.


  • Tackling institutional, corporate, governmental, and regulatory misconduct

    Acting as agents of change, our investigative journalism has uncovered institutional research fraud and misconduct and led to changes in national clinical practice guidelines.

    The BMJ Investigations Unit has triggered parliamentary inquiries in Europe, and moved a prominent professional society to divest from formula milk revenues


  • Improving transparency in research, clinical practice, and healthcare systems

    The BMJ’s investigation reported poor clinical trial research practices at a contract research company helping to carry out a Pfizer covid-19 vaccine trial.

    The BMJ’s investigation raised important questions about data integrity and regulatory oversight at the US Food and Drug Administration. It is now one of the best read and most widely shared articles in the history of scientific publishing.

  • Valuing the benefits patients bring to helping generate the best evidence

    BMJ is leading the world of medical journals in the way we work with patient editors, patient reviewers, and patient advisors.

    Of all articles published in The BMJ in 2022, 303 had a patient reviewer;  75% of BMJ Events advisory committees included a patient, and 90% of all BMJ Best Practice leaflets were reviewed by a patient panel.

“The BMJ investigation into the formula industry has proved one of the most powerful levers for change I’ve ever been involved with. ”
Chris van Tulleken, honorary senior lecturer, University College London, UK

2. BMJ Research 

The foundation of our work is research—we publish some of the world’s most widely discussed research that influences health policy and practice worldwide. Every day, the global medical research community relies on our support.

That’s why we dedicate our efforts to improving research integrity and open access dissemination by ensuring rapid access to the best evidence, impact data and educational tools, and increased patient involvement and access.


  • Fostering critical thinking in students in Latin America

    A recent study, run by BMJ in collaboration with UNAM showed compelling improvements in students’ publishing rate one year after taking Research to Publication training.

    Of all students, 72% of the participants had completed a research project or clinical case study,  35% had one research paper published, and 97% of the participants said the course was a valuable investment of their time


  • Meeting researchers’ needs for timely publication, reach and influence

    As a DORA signatory, BMJ believes that the journal impact factor (JIF) is best shared alongside other metrics that can help an author decide where to publish.

    Of all the 68 scientific and allied medical journals that we publish, 63 are now indexed by Clarivate’s Journal Citation Reports, 89% had their impact factor (JIF) rise in 2021, and 50% are at the top of their category (Q1-Q2).

  • Advancing global equity in an open-access world

    At BMJ we want to support authors from low and lower-middle-income countries (LMICs) to publish their research by means of open access in their journal of choice.

    In 2022, we extended our Article Processing Charge waiver policy to 50 more countries, making many more authors eligible with a waiver that covers 100% of the publication cost. 

    We’ve also helped authors in over 20 different LMICs find the right journal for their research – that’s an increase of over 50% for the same period last year.

3. BMJ Digital Health 

Research alone is not enough. BMJ helps doctors improve their knowledge and skills, apply the best evidence, and make better clinical decisions with evidence-based tools and services underpinned by the latest guidance.  

  • The Comorbidities Manager from BMJ Best Practice was ‘first to market.’

  • In 2022, Health Education England renewed their partnership with BMJ Best Practice, as did NHS Education for Scotland and NHS Wales.

  • BMJ Best Practice is the only clinical decision support tool that has been procured at a national level for England.

“Over the past three years, we have seen how successful the rollout of BMJ Best Practice has been. We want to keep that momentum going, focusing next on increasing the level of integration of BMJ Best Practice into the clinical workflow.” ”
NHS Knowledge and Library Services

4. BMJ Events & Partnerships 

BMJ connects experts to share and compare knowledge through large and smaller-scale events, webinars, roundtables, and editorial collection series.

Our work in this area changes the perceptions and mindsets of healthcare professionals and the regulators of the healthcare systems within which they operate.

  • Bespoke published supplements themed topical collections
  • Convened high-level roundtable and policy dialogue discussions
  • Global and localised interactive webinars, workshops, and virtual or in-person events
  • BMJ Events
  • In 2022, BMJ supported the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) in calling for social media companies to adopt global principles for credible health information. BMJ convened 15 global health experts to review the principles outlined in a NAM paper, which gained media attention in Latin America. The call led to action from digital media companies, including YouTube, which enhanced its policy on safe abortions.

  • BMJ organised a symposium for Johnson&Johnson China, gathering hospital leaders to discuss leadership and maintaining quality and safety. The programme attracted 16,000 delegates across multiple language channels. Esteemed hospital leaders like Tomislav Mihaljevic and Steve Swensen participated thanks to our networks and global presence. The programme attracted 16,000 delegates across the Chinese, English, and Spanish-speaking webinar channels. 

  • A special collection on social innovations in health published by BMJ in 2022 showcased the Mamás del Río programme that helps community workers adapt to a new clinical setting within a post-pandemic context. The Peruvian Health Minister is considering the evidence in the paper to inform a policy change that will formalise the regional programme as part of the national health system.

“We believe that the International Forum is the premier conference around patient safety and quality. ”
Aloha McBride, Federal Health Sector Leader, Ernst & Young

5. BMJ Careers

As the number one site for hospital, GP and international doctor jobs, our recruitment website features medical vacancies covering all sectors and specialties in the NHS and beyond.





  • In 2022, BMJ Careers experienced a significant increase in the use of their expertly crafted information and guides on various relevant job-seeking topics, authored by accomplished health writers. The collection comprises 46 articles that offer a complete guide series on becoming a specialist doctor, comprehensive interview success strategies, and free advice for international doctors relocating to the UK to practice medicine.

  • During the past year, the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS) faced an unprecedented recruitment crisis, with mental health being one of the areas hardest hit by workforce challenges.  We responded to the crisis by launching BMJ Careers: Mental Health, the UK’s first dedicated recruitment service for all clinical mental health roles, in March 2022. 

  • Through BMJ Careers’ expertise in healthcare recruitment and branding, we helped the Lincolnshire Local Medical Committee (LMC) to create a distinctive and individualised brand that spoke to the values and goals of their organisation. The result was a highly successful recruitment campaign that attracted applicants with a passion for innovation and a commitment to working collaboratively with the wider health and social care teams.  

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