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BMJ Best Practice video tutorials

BMJ Best Practice is ranked as one of the best clinical decision support tools for healthcare professionals worldwide. 

You can use BMJ Best Practice to:  

  • Search over 1,000 medical conditions to find evidence-based diagnosis, management and treatment information
  • Access over 250 integrated medical calculators, differential diagnosis tables and treatment algorithms
  • View step-by-step videos of the most common clinical procedures 
  • Access nearly 400 patient leaflets
  • Find links to drug databases and built-in evidence from Cochrane Clinical Answers. 

Watch the key features of BMJ Best Practice:


Learn how to use BMJ Best Practice in your daily practice:


BMJ Best Practice helped me to manage a patient with thrombocytopenia and infectious mononucleosis and conduct preventive measures during flu season. It also helped me prepare learning material for colleagues and medical students.

Clinician and university lecturer, Republic of Georgia