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BMJ announces partnership with Overton to advance real-world impact of health and medical research

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  • BMJ announces partnership with Overton to advance real-world impact of health and medical research

BMJ announces partnership with Overton to advance real-world impact of health and medical research

Leading healthcare knowledge provider, BMJ, has partnered with pioneering start-up Overton, to surface more clearly the real-world impact of medical and health research.

Research that improves the lives of patients matters deeply to the funders, institutions and researchers who dedicate their resources to medical and health research. But evaluating the impact of this research is traditionally measured by standard scholarly metrics, in the absence of more targeted analysis that specifically relates to health improvement.

BMJ and Overton are well suited to deliver an innovative impact solution:  BMJ has been at the heart of the research community, publishing research for over 180 years, and is known for its innovation and user-centered product development. Overton is a pioneering technology start-up founded by Euan Adie, whose previous work helped to define altmetrics, and whose mission is to support evidence-based decision-making across the world. In partnering with Overton, BMJ is supporting its vision of a healthier world, and continuing to innovate by bringing new solutions to address the needs of the research community. 

Dr Allison Lang, Publishing Director at BMJ, said: “BMJ has been listening to the needs of funders, institutions and researchers who seek to more clearly demonstrate the impact of their work. As a leading publisher of health research, we understand the best sources for this evidence, and we’re delighted to be partnering with such a pioneering organisation as Overton, whose work we have long admired in terms of shaping this landscape. ” 

Euan Adie, Founder and Director of Overton, added: “BMJ have a deep knowledge of the health and medical field, together we’re able to provide users with brand new impact data, tailored insights and a framework for their responsible use.”

Funders, institutions and organisations who would like to learn more should contact Michelle Phillips, Open Research Product Manager, at 

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About Overton

Founded in 2019, Overton is a forward-looking technology start-up with a mission to support evidence-based decision making around the world. The company has built a pioneering platform that allows users to discover more than 6 million policy documents and their links to each other, to academic papers and to relevant people and topics. 


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