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Open access means making research publications freely available and accessible to anyone, including low and middle-income countries. It is more than making research available to read, it also allows others to reuse that research.

For this reason, we have long been a pioneering publisher and champion of open access research.

The research in our flagship journal, The BMJ, has always been free to read, and in 2011 we launched our first and largest open access medical journal, BMJ Open.

Today, a third of our journals are fully open access, and we also make academic research freely accessible and discoverable with hybrid publication models.

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Six reasons to choose open access at BMJ

  • Nearly half of our indexed journals rank within the top 10 of their category

    Journal Citation Report 2018

  • We publish some of the world’s most influential research affecting public discourse and policy making

  • We have published 31,733 open access articles, with 9,630 citations achieved in 2019

    Data taken from Dimensions and Highwire 2019

  • We are the 9th most cited publisher in clinical medicine and science, 7th in public health, and 5th in health services research

    Analysis of most cited publishers ranked by total citations received in 2017, 2018 and 2019, Broad Research Areas, Dimensions (2020)

  • In 2019, 11.9M articles were accessed by 8.9M online users from over 100 countries

    Google Analytics (2020)

  • Two million Altmetric mentions of open access articles published by BMJ

    Altmetric mentions of all open access articles published by BMJ (2020)

Speeding up scientific discovery 

We continue to support innovation through: BMJ Open Science, a journal that improves the validity and quality of pre-clinical research with open peer review, open data, and registered reports.

medRxiv is the first dedicated preprint server for health sciences. It was launched in partnership with Yale University and Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory. 


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