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BMJ enhances long standing partnership with Bibliosan

BMJ enhances long standing partnership with Bibliosan

BMJ enhances long-standing partnership with Bibliosan to provide 65 institutions across Italy with full access to the Comorbidities tool from BMJ Best Practice, and BMJ Case reports

As part of this extended agreement, Bibliosan members now have access to Comorbidities from BMJ Best Practice, the only point of care tool that supports the management of the whole patient. Members also have full access to BMJ Case Reports content, enabling them to publish unlimited cases. 

Comorbidities tool from BMJ Best Practice

Comorbidities are a significant problem in Italy. A recent study showed that “about one-fifth of Italian older people (21.47%) are affected by significant multi-morbidity”. This puts an increasing demand on healthcare systems and clinical teams who need to recognise a patient’s comorbidities - and understand how they might change the treatment approach.

Launched in Sept 2020, the Comorbidities tool from BMJ Best Practice is the only point of care tool that supports the management of the whole patient by including guidance on the treatment of a patient’s acute condition alongside their pre-existing comorbidities. 

Access to the dedicated Comorbidities tool in BMJ Best Practice will help healthcare professionals in Bibliosan’s research institutions avoid unnecessary treatments, improve patient outcomes, and reduce costs. In a recent survey, 77% of users said the guidance from the Comorbidities tool changed the care they give to patients. 

BMJ Case Reports

With over 20,000 case reports, BMJ Case Reports is the largest database of clinical case reports and an important educational resource for healthcare professionals and researchers who need to easily find clinically important information on common and rare conditions. 

All articles are peer-reviewed and copy edited before publication. Its unique business (Fellowship) model allows unlimited content to be both accessed and published. 

Under this new agreement, Bibliosan guarantees unrestrained access and unrestricted publication to all syndicated biomedical institutions.

Louise Crowe, Director of Knowledge, BMJ, said, “This extension to our existing partnership that focuses on comorbidities and a simple way to share knowledge and research through BMJ Case Reports, gives healthcare professionals across Italy the support where they need it most. Providing all members in all institutions across Italy with the best available tools and information helps us at BMJ to further cement our vision of helping to create a healthier world.”

Dr. Moreno Curti, Bibliosan system coordinator, said: “Bibliosan’s agreement extension with BMJ is a major step towards addressing the growing issue of comorbidities. Information provision is at heart of the institution, and providing our members with the best available information from BMJ will help us support the biomedical community across Italy.”


For 13 years, leading global healthcare knowledge provider, BMJ, has enjoyed a long partnership with the Italian consortium of Biomedical Research Libraries, Bibliosan. BMJ supports the network with institutional access to leading/the best available research from a large selection of BMJ’s  specialist titles, and a clinical decision support tool BMJ Best Practice.

About BMJ Best Practice: The clinical decision support tool from BMJ takes health professionals quickly and accurately to the latest evidence-based information, whenever and wherever they need it. Its step by step guidance on diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and prevention is updated daily using a robust evidence-based methodology and expert opinion.

About Bibliosan: Bibliosan is the network of libraries of Italian biomedical research bodies. The Consortium makes an extensive package of information resources and tools available to all doctors and researchers of the Biomedical Research Institutions.

 1. Battaggia A, Scalisi A, Magliozzo F, et al. The burden of frailty in older people visiting GPs in Veneto and Sicily, Italy. J Drug Assess. 2019;8(1):87-96. Published 2019 Apr 26. doi:10.1080/21556660.2019.1612409 

2. BMJ Best Practice Comorbidities user survey Sept 2020- March 2021 with over 1,000 responses.

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