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As a researcher, publishing your work is an important step in enhancing your academic career and ensuring your work has a wider impact. At BMJ, we are with you at every step of your publication journey and at any stage of your career. We can help you to optimise the presentation and impact of your work, and to disseminate your findings to the people who need to read it.

Publishing in one of our fully open access or transformative journals complies with policies set by funders (including Plan S), institutions and governments.

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Acceptance rate: 23%

Time to first decision: 39 days

Citescore: 14.3

Journal Impact Factor: 12.485

JIF Rank (Oncology):                25/245

*without review

Newly launched!

Acceptance rate: 40%

Time to first decision: 35 days

Citescore: 5.2

Journal Impact Factor: 4.661

JIF Rank (Oncology):                      108/245


Acceptance rate: 47%

Time to first decision*: 6 days

Citescore: 3.9

Journal Impact Factor: 3.007

JIF Rank (Medical, General & Internal): 86/172


 Launched in 2022




Citescore: 10.2

Journal Impact Factor: 96.216

JIF Rank (Medical, General & Internal): 4/172


Oncology: 2022 open access highlights

Most read open access articles published in 2022:

Our open access content received on average 7 times more views than other content.


Top mentioned open access articles published in 2022:

Rationally targeted anti-VISTA antibody that blockades the C-C’ loop region can reverse VISTA immune suppression and remodel the immune microenvironment to potently inhibit tumor growth in an Fc independent manner



Ligufalimab, a novel anti-CD47 antibody with no hemagglutination demonstrates both monotherapy and combo antitumor activity



Longitudinal plasma proteomic profiling of patients with non-small cell lung cancer undergoing immune checkpoint blockade



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BMJ Mental Health (formerly Evidence-Based Mental Health) is an open access journal supporting mental health researchers and practitioners in improving patient and carer outcomes. The journal facilitates multidisciplinary collaboration among psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health professionals, encourages debate on clinically relevant topics, and informs real world practice.

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BMJ Public Health is an open access, peer-reviewed journal covering all aspects of public health, from global issues such as the impact of climate change on population health, to studies conducted at a local level. The journal will work with the public health community, at all levels, to publish rigorous qualitative and quantitative research and analysis to drive evidence-based public health policy and practice.

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