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Host it. Keep it.


For more than 170 years, BMJ has published high-quality medical literature that has contributed to significant advancements and the rise of evidence-based medicine.


Own the history; you can licence the entire BMJ Journals Archive and guarantee perpetual access at your health science library. Offer your readers unprecedented online access to a wealth of historical, medical and clinical research.

The archive includes 600k+ articles from 35 medical journals, including The BMJ, dating back to its launch in 1840.


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Why preserve the history of medicine?


Features & benefits for your library

  • Learn to protect patients more effectively by developing better research methods
  • Learn from groundbreaking case reports
  • Follow series of control trials to get a complete view of how medical practice has been developing throughout history
  • Have instant access to empirical research and witness the evolvement of research reporting
  • Expand competence and reference points using insightful peer reviews.
  • Access to over a century of high-impact original research and unique case reports in over 600,000 articles
  • Preservation of historical content
  • Complement to existing library resources, filling in gaps in your records
  • Downloadable and printable articles, images and tables in PDF format
  • Wide range of topics and developments




Pricing for individual institutions and consortia is available.

To request a quote or more information for the Journals Archive from BMJ packages, please contact us on:
Rest of World: +44 (0)207 111 1226
Americas: (855) 458-0579