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BMJ events | Discover our series of informative and thought-provoking events for health professionals at all stages of their careers.

From conferences and awards ceremonies to masterclasses, webinars, and roundtables, the BMJ events team runs over 15 international and national healthcare events every year. 

Join us on 10 November at The Studio in Birmingham for the BMJ Leader Live Regional Conference.


  • 5,000 participants from 80 countries attend the International Forum each year
  • 30 year's experience of delivering large scale events
  • 81% of attendees give our events a 4 or 5-star rating

Net Zero Clinical Care

Delivering greener care for a healthier future | 10 October  2023

Join us on 10 October for the new hybrid conference, Net Zero Clinical Care, jointly organised by BMJ and the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change (UKHACC). 

You will learn how each healthcare professional can help reduce the carbon footprint of clinical services and the role that you can play in delivering a net zero health service.

Whether you are a pharmacist supplying your patients with the medicines, a cancer nurse listening to the fears your patient has about their future, or a newly qualified doctor trying to find your feet, we all have a big role to play in delivering a new zero health and care system for our patients now and for years to come.

Book your virtual seat here Attend in-person

BMJ Research Forum 2023

13 – 14 December 2023 | BMA House, London

In a world where knowledge and experience create power, events that bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds and sectors play a crucial role in fostering collaboration and driving positive change. One such platform is the BMJ Research Forum, back for its second year this December.

The event connects health researchers, funders, journal editors, and research institutions and served as a catalyst for transformation within the research ecosystem:

  • 76% of BMJ Research Forum 2022 attendees stated that they would be making changes to their own research practice, or within their institution
  • 80% of Research Forum speakers and sessions were rated good or excellent in 2022


  • 300+ delegates

  • 10+ exhibitors

  • 50+ speakers

  • 20+ interactive sessions and workshops

  • 8 hours of Networking

The Forum will include sessions about the shifting funding landscape and who the new players are,, how editors decide which research is important to publish, what the future is for using health data for research and care delivery, and how the pandemic turbocharged scientific publishing, to name just a few. 

Submit your abstract before 30 June Book your seat BMA House | 13-14 December 2023

International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare

Using our combined expertise and passion, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI ) and BMJ host one of the largest international conferences in the world focused on improving outcomes for patients and communities through quality improvement.

The International Forum provides a platform for dialogue, reflection, and opportunities to build a deep understanding of quality improvement and safety. 

Over 5,000 participants from 80+ countries attend our International Forums each year, where they develop ways to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s critical health and healthcare challenges. They connect to form long-term partnerships and consider new ways of thinking about healthcare. See more about who should attend.

 Leave with the knowledge you need to tackle the challenges you face daily

 Accelerate your progress by getting access to the latest research on quality and safety improvement

 Gain practical knowledge on using improvement methods

 Connect with like-minded colleagues to share experiences and improvement approaches 

Melbourne 2023 | 30 October – 1 November 2023 London 2024 | 10-12 April 2024 Follow @QualityForum on Twitter


BJSM Live is where you can find the latest in cutting-edge information in all facets of sports and exercise medicine.

The conference brings together the global sports and exercise medicine community to share the latest evidence and research, give expert advice on managing patients in your practice, and discuss how we support populations to live healthy and physically active lifestyles.

 Get the latest evidence on new treatments, guidelines and best practice for supporting patients with sports or exercise related injuries

 Find answers and advice from leading experts in the field on how to handle tricky cases in your practice

 Discuss and debate ways in which populations can be encouraged to live more active lifestyles, how to turn research into policy, and how this impacts on reducing preventable diseases

 Form a diverse community of professionals, patients and athletes working across different countries, levels and specialties

BJSM Live British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) Sport & Exercise Medicine events on Twitter Follow BJSM on Twitter

Commercial partnerships

From cutting edge research to helping some of the world’s most vulnerable people, we work with a wide range of international organisations to deliver results.  Our work helps to bring about open dialogues that inform policies and shape the frameworks for many leading organisations, such as Asian Development Bank, FIFA, the World Bank, and WISH.  

You can access those conversations and discussions by being party to the webinars we host. Our convening expertise and strong global footprint mean we can bring together leading experts, influencers and policy makers – and facilitate important conversations that bring about change. Many of our webinars are hosted collaboratively through partnerships with governments, funders, societies, and ministries of health.  

 Get the best available guidance on topics ranging from covid-19 to specialist conditions and clinical practice

  Understand how other countries are training the next generation of healthcare professionals

 See examples of how early-stage start-ups are transforming healthcare


Webinars BMJ Innovations webinar on on non-communicable diseases BMJ Innovations webinar on social innovations Follow BMJ Innovations on Twitter

BMJ Leader Live

Many health and care professionals do not get the opportunity to acquire leadership learning, making the path to leadership unattainable, lonely, and confusing.

At the same time, leadership challenges are shared amongst all professions in health and care. So, we invite you, whatever your role, to come together to exchange thoughts, ambitions and learning.

We welcome attendees from all health and care sectors with a range of experience levels, from aspiring leaders to senior leaders. If you are passionate about developing your leadership skills, learning to become a more inclusive leader or network with those trying to lead the change, we would love you to join us.

 Learn from current leaders and empower aspiring leaders in health and care 

  Improve staff and patient outcomes through effective, informed and inspiring health and care leadership

 Form a diverse collaborative community of professionals working across multi-disciplinary teams and across different organisations, levels and specialties

BMJ Leader Live | February 2024 | London Regional Conference | 10 November | The Studio, Birmingham

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