BMJ Case Reports Corporate

BMJ Case Reports Corporate

Monitor drug performance. Give your pharma teams access to the world's largest collection of clinical case reports as an effective way to monitor drug performance and treatments in real-life situations.

Exceeding the limited insights of clinical trials, the case reports corporate database includes information on adverse reactions and drug effectiveness.


Case reports corporate is an effective way to monitor drug performance. They are far exceeding the limited insights of clinical trials. Moreover, they provide detailed information on symptoms, diagnosis, and the treatment of patients in real-life situations.

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BMJ Case Reports is, in fact, the world’s largest searchable database of clinical case reports, with over 20,000 case reports from 70 different countries.

A corporate subscription will give your R&D, marketing, and drug and safety teams:

  • Access to the world’s largest database of case reports
  • An invaluable resource providing quick information on drug interactions
  • Dedicated collections focused on pharmacology & therapeutics; contraindications & precautions; and drug interactions
  • Over 1,000 cases on novel treatments (new drug/intervention; established drug/procedure in new situation)

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Indexed by all the major bibliographic databases, this award-winning resource will give your drug safety, R&D, and marketing teams unrivaled access to a wealth of information on adverse reactions, in addition to drug effectiveness and novel uses. Our case reports corporate database also contains clinically important information on common and rare conditions. Lastly, pharma teams have an effective way to monitor drug performance and treatments in real-life situations.

Adverse reactions
    Adverse reactions 
Pharma drug effectiveness
  Drug effectiveness
Drug interactions in BMJ Case Reports
   Drug interactions
   Novel treatments
Focused collections
Focused collections

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