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At BMJ, we are always prepared. We believe that having processes in place means we are doing the right things in the right way before we even start to do them.

When it comes to research integrity, accountability and quality assurance around media relations activities, trust sits at the core of everything we disseminate.

More than ever, health professionals and patients need reliable information from a trusted source.

At BMJ, we create this trust by being transparent and open. Through our widely read journals and spokespeople, we encourage open debate, comment, criticism, and correction, and we declare our own interests and the interests of those who work with us.

From publishing research to investigating and responding to allegations of misconduct, we always treat researchers and institutions fairly and courteously so that they have a safe platform to share their research or raise concerns. 

We do this collectively by working in partnership with editors and publishing staff on all issues related to research integrity, at every stage of the publication process.

These processes mean that readers, researchers, and funders can be assured that manuscripts published by BMJ have passed the most rigorous review for ethical standards and research integrity. 

In all these ways, we help create a healthier world but our work doesn’t stop there. 

Securing ties with the science communication community

By working closely with the Science Media Centre (SMC), an independent press office, we can be sure that the public has access to the best scientific evidence and expertise through the news media when science hits the headlines. All our press releases are reviewed by the SMC so that independent experts can comment on research findings, helping to add balance and context. 

Our affiliation with the Academy of Medical Sciences means we have also integrated their set of recommendations into our processes to help raise public trust in the research read in the media, online, and everywhere.




Helping journalists to navigate emerging findings

Recently, we worked with Cardiff University to investigate whether labelling press releases with the type of research being promoted help journalists see at a glance its nature and significance, and therefore leads to more accurate reporting. 

The results were positive and the Academy of Medical Sciences now recommends the system – and encourages all UK science press offices to use it.


“The new system is simple, workable and has already had a positive reception from press officers, researchers, funders, and journalists. We fully endorse the labelling system as a tool that we consistently apply to help support accurate research literature. ”
BMJ CEO, Chris Jones

BMJ regularly issues press releases on its journal content and corporate announcements.

Our media relations team also provides comment on issues relevant to BMJ activities and values.
For the UK press office please contact the media relations team.