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These values give us the focus and direction to bring about our vision for a healthier world by sharing knowledge and expertise to improve healthcare outcomes.

Proud of our people
Our people are motivated to achieve our vision. We develop talent and celebrate success.
Independent, courageous and unbiased
Improving healthcare requires independent and unbiased information, even if this means challenging perceived wisdom.
Patient-centred and customer-focused
Patients, customers and users are at the heart of everything we do.
The best decisions depend on the best evidence.
Transparent, open and trusted
We create trust by being transparent and open

Living our values

Our Values are an important part of our culture. They define who we are and how we behave.

Improving healthcare requires independent and unbiased information

For many years, our Editor in Chief Fiona Godlee and her team have been featured in the media for her role in taking on the medical establishment for the benefit of patients and healthcare in general.

Integrity in medicine is high on our agenda, so frontline staff are empowered to drive change to improve patient outcomes and create a healthier world.

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Values in action

Our values are more than just a vision. They represent the work we do everyday and are integrated in to our business decisions and strategy.

Informing clinical practice worldwide

BMJ Best Practice gives users instant and intuitive access to more than 6000 clinical guidelines and 700 Cochrane Clinical Answers.  

The evidence-based clinical support decision tool is independently ranked one of the best clinical decision support tools for health professionals worldwide. Find out more here.

  • Evidence-based
  • Transparent, open and trusted
  • Patient-centred and customer-focused

Patients included

The BMJ is the first ever medical journal to receive the ‘Patients Included’ award for its strategy to encourage doctors and patients to work together as partners to improve healthcare.

“People with experience of illness and using health services have much to teach us,” says Patient Partnership Editor, Dr Tessa Richards. 

  • Patient-centred and customer-focused
  • Proud of our people
  • Transparent, open and trusted

MMR scare

The BMJ declared Andrew Wakefield's Lancet paper that implied a link between the MMR vaccine and autism “an elaborate fraud.”

A series of articles based on interviews, documents and data, revealed the true extent of the scam. Find them here.

  • Evidence-based
  • Independent, courageous and unbiased
  • Proud of our people

Measuring our values

We are independently assessed to deliver transparency and continuous improvement.  

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