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We offer the Copyright Clearance Centre's Rightslink licensing solution for ALL BMJ Journal reuse permissions.

The BMJ & BMJ Journal Permissions


We offer the Copyright Clearance Centre’s Rightslink licensing solution for ALL BMJ Journal reuse permissions.

The Rightslink service is quick and easy to use.  You will be able to get a quick price and instant permission to reuse BMJ content in many different ways.  Please see the following instructions:

  1.  Go to our Journals or The BMJ site and locate the content you wish to reuse
  2. Click on “Request Permissions” in the footnotes of the full text article, or under the Share tab, to get to the Rightslink Permission webpage
  3. Follow the instructions in the pop up window

For additional information see our Frequently Asked Questions or contact customer care:

Republication service

For broad ranging rights, or for articles without a RightsLink link please visit CCC’s service.


The Publisher’s Licensing Society portal, PLSClear, offers a UK-based permissions service for BMJ content.

STM Permissions Guidelines

BMJ is a signatory of the STM Permissions Guidelines. This is part of our efforts to ensure  that any re-use of limited amounts of content from our journals is fair and the original source of the material fully attributed. It should be emphasized that these are just guidelines and requests should still go through RightsLink or be emailed to the BMJ Permissions department.

Author Permissions

As the author a work published by BMJ you retain some rights to reuse the work. Please visit this page to find out more.  

Permission Requests

For any reuse rights not available on RightsLink or (including multiple rights for a campaign) please complete this form and someone from the BMJ Permissions Department will be in touch.

Non-Journal Content

BMJ Learning, Best Practice & OnExamination

To reuse content from other BMJ products please send full details of your request to


Permission requests to reuse videos, podcasts and infographics are not covered by RightsLink and other automated services: please send full details of your request to

EULAR Textbooks

To reuse material from any of the EULAR Textbooks please contact 

Western Journal of Medicine

If you wish to reuse content from the Western Journal of Medicine, or any other discontinued BMJ content, please email and our Permissions team will send a link to a  RightsLink window for reuse of the content.