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Helping authors find the right home for their research 

Our article transfer service at BMJ provides authors with a quick, easy and smooth submission and peer-review service. It is one of the most important aspects of our author service across all our journals.

As an author, you can publish your article in a more relevant specialty journal if your original journal of choice declines publication.


“I was transferred to an excellent journal, with a strong reputation. The transfer process took less than 30 minutes, and was very user friendly. ”
Professor Southwick, Emerging Pathogens Institute, University of Florida. Transfer from BMJ Quality & Safety to Open Quality

Which journal is right for my paper?

Mark Richards, BMJ Article Transfer Manager, advises: 

Helping you to find the best answer to that question is perhaps the most important thing we can do for an author.

At BMJ, we want your research to reach the right audience in the shortest possible time, which means helping you find the right journal first time via the smoothest submission process.

But if your first choice isn’t right, we promise to move your paper to a suitable journal home with no fuss in as little as two days.

After that, you can rely on a well-oiled peer review and production process to see your paper through to online publication without stress or delay. ”

“I experienced a seamless transfer to another great rheumatology journal, I just had to confirm a few details. ”
Dr Mwidimi Ndosi, University of the West of England. Transfer from Annals of Rheumatic Diseases to Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Diseases Open

Helping authors in numbers

  • We helped 1,603 authors rejected from their first-choice journal to be accepted in an alternative BMJ journal in 2022
  • Authors saved, on average, 40 days to receive a decision on their article when they transferred to another BMJ journal, compared to submitting elsewhere in 2022
  • In 2021, those who chose to use our article transfer service achieved an average of 6 citations and an Altmetric Score of 22 for the papers 

How to select an alternative journal on submission

Follow the simple six-step process for using our Article Transfer Service, when you select an alternative journal on submission of your article. View these steps as a visual.


How to process an editor-suggested transfer

Follow our simple six-step process for using our Article Transfer Service, when a journal editor suggests a transfer for your article – with or without review. View these steps as a visual.


Visit the BMJ Author Hub for more information and services.


Contact us: our dedicated article transfer service manage is here to answer all your questions.

Mark Richards
Article Transfer Service Manager, BMJ Journals