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The most-read clinical reviews among North American physicians providing an in-depth analysis of the latest medical knowledge

Clinical reviews provide an in-depth analysis of the latest medical knowledge

The BMJ State of the Art clinical reviews provide an in-depth analysis of the latest medical knowledge. Predominantly written by U.S. authors, these 5,000-word articles offer specialists, academicians, and researchers the latest thinking on a broad range of topics.

Review the current five most popular reviews published in 2021 listed below or access all of the clinical reviews on The BMJ website. 

Top 5 Most Read Clinical Reviews of 2021

Severe covid-19 pneumonia: pathogenesis and clinical management

This review focuses on the epidemiologic and clinical features of severe covid-19 pneumonia, the pathophysiologic mechanisms, inpatient respiratory support, and the evidence to date on drug treatments. It also covers the recovery and long-term management of patients who often have long-term mental and physical impairments. Read review >   

Management of colonic diverticulitis

Left-sided colonic diverticulitis is common in Western countries, characterized by acute onset of often severe abdominal pain. This article reviews the evidence behind these advances and summarizes the medical management of patients with acute diverticulitis. Read review > 

Management of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is characterized by excessive fat accumulation in the liver of people consuming alcohol at levels below risk. This review will focus on the latest evidence on screening methods to select patients for treatment and on therapies tested in randomized clinical trials (RCTs). Read review > 

Axial spondyloarthritis: new advances in diagnoses and management

Axial spondyloarthritis (axSpA) is an inflammatory disease of the axial skeleton associated with pain and disability. This review summarizes the revised classification criteria and their impact on the diagnosis of axSpA, the relevance of the pathogenetic pathway centered on the cytokines IL-23 and IL-17, and current and future treatment options. Read review >   

Screening and management of atrial fibrillation in primary care

Atrial fibrillation is a common and often undiagnosed, and arrhythmia is seen in primary and secondary care settings. This review explores the epidemiology, screening, and risk assessment of atrial fibrillation and the management of its symptoms and stroke risk in primary care settings. Read review >