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Doctors' jobs and advice

  • Need help lowering litigation costs?

    Patient lawsuits stemming from misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis carry substantial financial implications.

    Our work with NHS Resolution is improving patient safety and is linked to a reduction in avoidable harm and clinical negligence claims.

  • Advancing equity in open access publishing

    A big focus for us is to help authors from low and lower-middle-income countries (LMICs) get published in their journal of choice. 

    In 2022, 55.9% of all LMIC-originated research was published open access, up from 36.4% in 2021.

  • What is The BMJ journal's impact factor?

    Our flagship journal, The BMJ, is 4th of 167 journals in the JCR Medicine, General & Internal category when ranked by Impact Factor and by total number of citations.

    It has been helping doctors make better decisions since 1840.

  • Campaigning on the climate emergency. How green is BMJ?

    The BMJ has been raising awareness about the climate crisis since the 1990s.

    Today we align our editorial voice with our internal operational practices, and show doctors and other health professionals how they can play a key role in making change. 

How is BMJ making a difference?

Everything we do at BMJ is to support health professionals to improve their practice and deliver the best care through better evidence, better decisions, and better systems.

In our latest impact report, we have benchmarked where there have been improvements as a direct result of the work we have undertaken during the past year.

Achieving improved health outcomes is a constant process, and we will never stop seeking to improve the impact we have.

Living Our Values

Our values are more than just a vision. They represent the work we do everyday and provide the guardrails to keep us focused.

Our Winning Values Video

Animation by Pedro Lopez, Web Developer at BMJ and winner of our Values competition.

Watch Pedro’s video on what living our values means at BMJ, and find out why he won the competition.

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Our impact

BMJ is helping to improve health outcomes and create a healthier world. See the difference we made during the past year in our latest impact report.

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