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Improving the diagnosis and management of non-communicable diseases

Launched in 2019 in partnership with the World Bank and the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, this initiative supports 4,000 primary healthcare professionals.

  • 4,000 clinicians across 25 oblasts

  • 95% of clinicians said that BMJ resources helped them improve patient care

  • 35% score improvement from 55% to 90% in BMJ Learning 

  • 35,000 BMJ Best Practice topic views

  • 454 translated modules and topics into Ukrainian

  • 25,000 BMJ Learning modules completed

“When practising in a country where medical and patient resources are scarce it is vital to prioritise treatments and interventions in the most cost-effective way. The BMJ resources are proven to be a great tool for saving hospital costs, helping me to prescribe or order the evidence-based medications or procedures only.”
Dr Oleksandr Nenashev, Primary Care Centre, Kyiv

Improved diagnosis and management of non-communicable diseases

Dr Kateryna Bliashyk, a rural village doctor in Ukraine uses BMJ’s resources to improve her decision-making at the point of care.  As the only doctor in her remote region, Dr Bliashyk can’t always get a second opinion from colleagues:

“I’m alone here. Sometimes I need to consult a colleague but there is no one except me. It’s been helpful to have good quality evidence-based resources from BMJ to help me make a decision at the point of care.”

In emergency situations, BMJ’s resources have been the doctor’s lifeline:

“One man called me and said, ‘I cut my hand, I don’t know what I have to do. It’s a long-distance and it’s evening time, so the regional clinic will be closed. What do I do?’ 

During university, I learned how to suture wounds but I hadn’t done it in a long time. I opened the BMJ Best Practice video on how to suture wounds. It refreshed my memory. He came to my clinic and I sutured his wound perfectly.”


Clinical staff engaged in continuing professional development

Dr Oleksandr Nenashev, a General Practitioner in Ukraine, uses the resources to improve his medical knowledge:

“I am very fond of BMJ Learning. I am using it a lot! Actually, I have gone through most of the existing primary care modules during the past 2 years. This is one of the best tools I know for getting CME credits in a most engaging and systematic way.

My weakest points as a primary care physician were some neurology and musculoskeletal physical exam diagnostic skills. By using excellent BMJ Learning materials and by constant practising, I was able to improve my competence in these fields.”

Our advocacy and expertise helps to strengthen national continuing professional development systems


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Ashley McKimm
Director of Partnerhsip Development