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Step by step instructions on how to add our 2022 impact report to your Gmail signature.

1. In Gmail, click the cog1 (top right corner) and choose the “Settings”2 in the menu


2. Scroll down to the “signature” section


3.Place the mouse pointer where you want the image to be and click once. I recommend you put it one return space underneath your existing signature

Click the “insert image” toolbar button


4. Choose from the two images below – in the “image URL” field add:


Click the image you prefer and copy the URL at the top of the page 


5. Click the “OK” button


6. Now you need to link that image to a webpage, so highlight the image by clicking and dragging the mouse over the image so that it is highlighted.


7. Click the “Link” toolbar button


8. In the “To which URL should this link refer?” field, add

Then click the “OK” button


9. Once you have verified the image and placement, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save Changes” button 

















Have any problems? Contact the brand team.

Ingrid Bray
Corporate Communications and Brand Manager