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Our applications follow all the principles laid out in these guidelines. They should act as an extension of our brand with a consistent look and feel.






The choice of graphical illustrations for icons are clean and simple. The icon graphic should contain at least one reference to fulcrum angle (56.5 degrees) if possible.

All icons should be clear at small size (16px width).

The outline shape of the icon is dependent on where the icon is used (such as an iPhone icon) but if there is a choice, it should be consistent with other apps, with rounded corners..

The icon should be ‘flat’ (no 3D effects such as shadow or bevels).

Avoid using words in the icon. Icons created by external agencies should include .eps versions.

The colour of the icon should be white or BMJ blue. Its background colour from our primary colour palette, but we recommend BMJ blue or white as a default. You can utilise the blended form of the fulcrum here too.

Ingrid Bray
Corporate Communications and Brand Manager