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BMJ’s brand is the company’s biggest asset. It makes us recognisable as the same global healthcare knowledge provider day after day. Our brand plays a key role in defining who we are. It reflects our values and vision for a healthier world.

Our reputation fiercely depends on it being represented appropriately and consistently. Without maintaining our strong brand presence, we risk losing our identity within one of the world’s toughest marketplaces.
Applying these guidelines in everything you create strengthens the collective approach we must take to manage and protect the value of our great brand.

All use of BMJ’s brand assets must follow these guidelines. Email the brand team for suggestions and advice:

Our mission and vision

Our mission:

BMJ is a global healthcare knowledge provider with a vision for a healthier world. We share knowledge and expertise to improve health outcomes.

A global brand

More than 9.8 million health professionals visit our websites every month, and we partner with over 11,000 academic institutions, hospitals, ministries of health, and governmental institutions.

We publish medical research and information in 18 languages, and show real influence and impact at government level with 24 journal mentions in the House of Commons and House of Lords of the UK in the past year alone.

Our journals, learning products, and decision support tools are primarily focused on supporting frontline staff to improve patient outcomes. Whether it’s research or education, we work with patients to make our content and information directly relevant to policy making and clinical practice.

Everything we do at BMJ is to support health professionals to improve their practice and deliver the best care through better evidence, better decisions, and better systems.

Why we exist: our corporate description How we write: style guide A-Z

Logo centre

Here you will find different pages which will help you understand how to use our logos and typography.

Request logos from the

Our BMJ logo How to use our logos

Typography and fonts

Our primary fonts are Interface for web design and Arial (or Sans Serif) for word processing.

Please do not deviate from our system fonts in documents, PowerPoint, online or in email. They have been selected to balance classic and contemporary sans -serif letter forms.

Typography and fonts Writing style guide A-Z Tone of voice

Using our colours

Our primary colour is BMJ blue [#2A6EBB]. It is an important element of our brand and helps our audiences identify BMJ communications.

Our secondary colour palette has been designed to contrast with BMJ Blue and add warmth and flexibility to our communications.

We use the secondary colour palette within illustration to add consistency and help to create a unique illustration style. In typography, we use them to highlight important headlines, body copy and active states of navigation (digital applications).

Primary and secondary colour palette Digital colour palette Accessibility Fulcrum

Our brand

Wherever our brand appears, it is a guarantee of quality for our customers. We avoid creating new brands for our products – instead we brand them BMJ when appropriate.

Here you will find how to place our logos in videos, online and in print, what font we use for our logos, how our logo should appear on endorsements and partnerships and the protocols for local branding in different regions.

BMJ branded Photography and video Design tips Websites, brochures, stationery and A4 advertising

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