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For more than 180 years, BMJ has published high-quality medical literature that has contributed to significant advancements and the rise of evidence-based medicine. 

Own the history; a license to the BMJ Journals Archive offers your readers unprecedented online access to a wealth of historical, medical and clinical research.

Archived content is essential. In 2022, more than 25% of BMJ articles downloaded in North America were published before 2010.


BMJ is committed to preserving historical content for all researchers and professionals in the medical field. With access to more than a century of high-impact original research and unique case reports in over 600,000 articles, your institution can host and keep an outstanding resource for contextualizing current research, including:

  • Backstories of the significant findings in medicine
  • Research that has contributed to the rise of evidence-based medicine
  • Records of clinical insight and medical progress

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