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Have you ever wanted to gain insight into how a leading global healthcare provider works? Would you like to get involved in the work that we do to help create a healthier world? Read on!

Get a foot in the door and experience what it’s like to work for a leading global healthcare brand. We offer one-week placements over the summer in several departments, including Technology, Marketing, Events, Publishing, and Editorial.

We welcome the age group of 16 – 24 to apply.

Whilst we have a large number of applicants, we always create a fair process and welcome applications from people of all backgrounds who are over the age of 16. 

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Nillanee Nehrujee.

“I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to keep up because I didn’t have a scientific or medical background, but I was wrong about that and found I did gain a lot of knowledge and understanding from this experience.”
Hazel Mvere, A level Student

Contact us to discuss more opportunities

Nillanee Nehrujee
Chartered Management Trainee