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BMJ Rapid Recommendations

It can take years for new research evidence to filter into new treatment guidelines—in the meantime, many patients receive outdated care. That is why The BMJ is working with MAGIC, a non-profit research and innovation programme, to develop Rapid Recommendations. These accelerate evidence into practice to answer the questions that matter quickly and transparently through trustworthy recommendations.

Find out more about how it works by watching this video below.

How it works: The Rapid Recommendations team from MAGIC, including The BMJ, will identify and confirm which studies might change practice and are of interest to readers. Researchers will then perform systematic reviews on the benefit and harm of the intervention, baseline risk of important outcomes, and the values and preferences of patients. In parallel a panel including researchers, patients, and doctors will choose the most important outcomes. They will consider the systematic reviews and evaluate the evidence using a GRADE approach, and produce recommendations for practice. The research and recommendations will be submitted to The BMJ for peer review and publication.

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