The BMJ Collections

Medical research in China

This BMJ collection analyses progress in the evolution of Chinese medical research in four important areas—evidence informed policy, guidelines development, real world evidence, and big data.

Assisted dying

The BMJ's collection of papers on assisted dying covers a wide range of personal, professional, and religious opinion on a controversial subject that divides doctors, the general public, and parliaments' representatives worldwide .

Accelerating achievement of the sustainable development goals

This collection examines ways in which cross sectoral working, and wider societal engagement are necessary to successfully achieve the sustainable development goals.

Antimicrobial resistance in South East Asia

This collection provides an overview of the political, social, and economic problems caused by AMR in the WHO South East Asia region.

The World Bank and financing global health

This collection provides an overview of the World Bank’s evolving role in global health and follows on from The BMJ's 1999 series on the World Bank by discussing changes in global health governance since the millennium.

Health in South Asia

This collection brings together leading health experts from across the region and internationally to discuss health priorities and identify evidence based solutions to shape health policy and interventions.

Women’s, children’s, and adolescents’ health

This collection examines the evidence and the thinking that form the basis of a new global strategy to improve maternal and child health in the world’s poorest and high burden countries.

Spotlight on patient centred care

This spotlight series of articles on patient centred care explores how doctors and patients can work collaboratively to improve the way in which healthcare is designed and delivered, so that it meets the needs and priorities of patients better.

The war on drugs

The war on drugs has failed, and The BMJ says it's time for doctors to lead calls for pragmatic reform informed by science and ethics. This collection brings together our recent articles on this topic.


In May 2017 a new director general of the World Health Organization will be elected. Watch Fiona Godlee, editor in chief of The BMJ, and Suerie Moon interview the candidates.

Ebola resources

A collection of all BMJ resources on the Ebola outbreak.

Zika virus

A collection of all BMJ resources on Zika virus.

NHS 2017

Gareth Iacobucci examines the key challenges facing the NHS in 2017 and looks at how the service can overcome them.


This collection looked at the key issues in the run up to the EU referendum and the immediate aftermath of the results.

Weekend effect and seven day NHS

Does being admitted to hospital at the weekend increase your risk of dying? This collection covered the debate about the so-called weekend effect.

BMJ Rapid Recommendations

This BMJ collaboration accelerates evidence into practice, to answer the questions that matter quickly and transparently through trustworthy recommendations.

The Bawa-Garba case

The erasure of Hadiza Bawa-Garba, a trainee paediatrician, from the UK register has made doctors anxious and raised questions about what’s next for the patient safety agenda. Read our latest coverage.