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Covid-19: Are we seeing a summer wave?

05 July 2023

Covid-19: Study sheds light on how some people avoid the disease

21 June 2024

Fauci is defiant as congressional hearing into covid origins fails to produce smoking gun

04 June 2024

Pandemic treaty: panel calls for “reset” to talks as negotiators miss deadline

30 May 2024

Covid-19: South African disclosures reveal secretive world of nations’ vaccine contracts

28 May 2024

Covid inquiry: What have we learnt about Northern Ireland’s response?

24 May 2024

Covid-19: Charities question inquiry’s “refusal” to fully examine mental health impact

12 April 2024

Covid inquiry: What we have learnt about Wales’s response?

11 March 2024

Covid-19 taskforce called for a new national vaccine agency to prepare for future pandemics

29 February 2024

Covid inquiry: What did we learn this week?

26 January 2024

Covid-19: Doctors instruct law firm in bid for compensation after developing long covid

25 January 2024

Covid-19: Vaccines have saved at least 1.4 million lives in Europe, WHO reports

17 January 2024

Covid-19: Undervaccination was associated with higher risk of hospital admission or death, study finds

16 January 2024

Covid-19: NICE plans to expand Paxlovid eligibility to 1.4 million more people

11 January 2024

Covid-19: Some US states and hospitals recommend masks again

05 January 2024

Covid-19: WHO adds JN.1 as new variant of interest

21 December 2023

Covid-19: Bereaved families group collects BMJ award for holding ministers to account

15 December 2023

Covid inquiry: Sunak defends his pandemic policies made as chancellor

13 December 2023

Covid-19: Preliminary figures show 1.2% of people in England had infection at end of November

11 December 2023

Pfizer sues Poland over unclaimed covid vaccines

28 November 2023

Covid-19: Whitehall chaos and misplaced confidence undermined UK’s response, inquiry hears

03 November 2023

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