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  1. Research News

    Daily use of sunscreen prevents ageing of the skin

    (Published 04 June 2013)

    younger than 55 years, randomised participants to daily use or discretionary use of sunscreen (control ...

  2. Observations

    My New Year’s wish is for an effective sunscreen

    Douglas Kamerow
    (Published 19 December 2014)

    US close the sunscreen gap And now for something completely different: sunscreens and health ... rest of the world in the availability of effective sunscreen preparations. In a rare show of ... Congress passed and the president has now signed into law the Sunscreen Innovation Act. A little ...

  3. Practice

    Mosquito repellents for travellers

    Nina M Stanczyk, Ron H Behrens, Vanessa Chen-Hussey, Sophie A Stewart, James G Logan
    (Published 19 February 2015)

    as their skin or by not removing it before putting children to bed. 12 Sunscreen— Limited early ... laboratory research suggested that applying 33.5% DEET after sunscreen significantly reduces the sun ... protection factor (SPF) of the sunscreen. 13 Randomised controlled trials with Aedes and Anopheles ...

  4. Practice

    Malignant melanoma

    Stella Ivaz, Hawys Lloyd-Hughes, Pippa Oakeshott, Saima Shah
    (Published 04 September 2009)

    childhood. Photoprotection measures, for example, sunscreen use. Personal history of malignant melanoma ... and about wearing a hat and sunscreen. Consider referring patients with more than 100 moles routinely ...

  5. Clinical Review

    Facial cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma

    Arif M Aslam, Anand N Patel
    (Published 31 March 2016)

    specialist for ongoing support. Box 3: Tips for patients on sun exposure, sunscreen, and self inspection ... 10 am and 3 pm Use high factor sunscreen to protect against ultraviolet A and B Apply sunscreen ...

  6. Clinical Review

    Diagnosis and management of vitamin D deficiency

    Simon HS Pearce, Tim D Cheetham
    (Published 11 January 2010)

    vitamin D insufficiency Risk factors include skin pigmentation, use of sunscreen or concealing ... strict sunscreen use Exclusively breast fed Multiple, short interval pregnancies Elderly, ... antiretroviral treatment (HAART), or glucocorticoids Sunscreen with a sun protection factor 15 or more ...

  7. Clinical Review

    Melanoma—Part 1: epidemiology, risk factors, and prevention

    Veronique Bataille, Esther de Vries
    (Published 20 November 2008)

    ↵ Autier P. Cutaneous malignant melanoma. Facts about sunbeds and sunscreens. Expert Rev Anticancer Ther ...

  8. Clinical Review

    Melanoma—Part 2: management

    Christina Thirlwell, Paul Nathan
    (Published 01 December 2008)

    Association of Dermatologists ( )—Advice on the use of sunscreens and on ...

  9. Clinical Review

    How does evidence based guidance influence determinations of medical negligence?

    Brian Hurwitz
    (Published 28 October 2004)

    importance of colon cancer screening, dental care, exercise, improved diet, sunscreen use, and prostate ...

  10. Clinical Review

    Management of alopecia areata

    M J Harries, J Sun, R Paus, L E King, Jr
    (Published 23 July 2010)

    should be protected from sun damage with a hat or sunscreen. Many patients find wigs or scalp cosmetics ...