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The NHS is right to fund homoeopathy

BMJ 2011; 342 doi: (Published 04 May 2011) Cite this as: BMJ 2011;342:d2642

Re:Re:Re:Re: Luc Montagnier ... and Andrew Wakefield: living parallel lives

What it will take for myself and others to "acknowledge a link between vaccination and autism" is some real, verifiable, credible scientific evidence to show a link between vaccination and the development of autism. Wakefield proposed a link - a link that no-one else has been able to substantiate despite multiple studies. See

The studies referenced in this article are massive whereas Wakefield falsified data on just 12 children. If there is a link, it is yet to be proven and the weight of evidence strongly suggests that there is no link. Dr. Struthers should also take note of the autism/vaccine compensation claims which have been rejected:-

The "vaccine court" in the US operates on a no-fault compensation basis:-

Others posting replies to this article seek to make a rather tenuous link between a belief in God and having a rational mind or not. This is a fallacious argument.
Religious freedom in modern civilised societies allows people to publicly declare their atheism in a way that in years gone by or in less enlighted regimes may have resulted in persecution or death. Therefore a historical belief in God has no bearing on the possession of a rational mind or not. To then appeal to writings in the bible as matters of historical fact is stretching credulity, given that are multiple versions with heavy editing through history.

If people wish to consult a homeopath privately and pay for consultations and remedies, that is up to them. I do ask, however, that any remedies prescribed are evidence-based and that the patients are made aware of the evidence (or, rather the lack of evidence). However, given the lack of evidence, the NHS should not fund what is a placebo.

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12 May 2011
Paul Morgan
Consultant Intensivist
Cardiff and Vale UHB