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The killing of doctors in Iraq must stop

BMJ 2011; 343 doi: (Published 13 July 2011) Cite this as: BMJ 2011;343:d4467

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Re:Peace Missions in Iraq are there to help, but Iraqis must also help themselves a little bit...

Dear Sir,

I do not
mean to offend but to clarify.

The crimes against humanity committed by the invading forces in Iraq
are known to the whole world. Please Google "Abu Ghraib" and then you
shall see the extent of the crimes. Abu Ghraib is only one of hundreds or
thousands of the crimes committed in Iraq. Just spend few hours on the
internet and read about them and you will understand.

The coalition forces announced "themselves" as invaders not "me".
Definition for invader: someone who enters by force in order to conquer.

So you enter with no invitation, conquer and destroy and then you say
help yourself so we can help you. Very interesting!!!

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29 July 2011
Waseem Jerjes
UCL Medical School