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Dreaming of a fairer world

BMJ 2010; 341 doi: (Published 08 July 2010) Cite this as: BMJ 2010;341:c3658

To Dream the Impossible Dream (Man of La Mancha)

Dreams are amazing. They incorporate the natural with the
supernatural, the eidetic with the prophetic. One minute we're socializing
with friends, or struggling with careers, and the next minute we're
flying, or swimming to the bottom of the ocean. Free of our reality
(conscious) and conscience (superego), dreams are a safe (symbolic)
enactment (fulfillment) of secret (forbidden) feelings (fantasies) of our
inner self (id) that our mind (ego) ignores (suppresses) and denies
(represses). By fusing our conscious and unconscious, dreams tell us who
we are, and who we can become.

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05 November 2010
Hugh Mann
Eagle Rock, MO 65641 USA