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Should patients be able to pay top-up fees to receive the treatment they want? Yes

BMJ 2008; 336 doi: (Published 15 May 2008) Cite this as: BMJ 2008;336:1104

Yes. Top-up any fees

It would not be a bad idea at all if the whole of the NHS system was undermined.

The General Practitioners again would be working all the hours they wished if they were paid on the nail (use a plastic Medical Card) for whatever work they did and they would again be happy bunnies, earning their keep.

Each should have access to a fully-fitted Town Clinic with X-ray Unit, competent laboratory, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy making up those simple medicines the industry has now managed to forbid being made, Minor Surgical Theatre and ambulance station attached in places to a Cottage Hospital.

The General Practitioner should then have quick access to whichever Hospital he chooses and whichever Consultant he wants for his particular patient.

The present system is run rather like a Supermarket and there is no choice. Which is bad for the patient.

The appointment system at Primary Care level with rude Receptionists is "un-feeling" and should be a matter for the G.P.'s choice. Better by far to open the Surgery (or Town Clinic's) doors early each morning and get on with the work, first come first served.

Yes, top-up wherever extra expense is required.

Remember always, it is the patient's best interest that is most important. NOT the blooming System!

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14 May 2008
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