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Prolonged conservative care versus early surgery in patients with sciatica caused by lumbar disc herniation: two year results of a randomised controlled trial

BMJ 2008; 336 doi: (Published 12 June 2008) Cite this as: BMJ 2008;336:1355

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Standards rather than discs slipping

Dear Sir

We were shocked at your use of pseudo-medical terminology on the front cover of the BMJ on the 14th June 2008. There is NO such thing as a 'slipped disc'. The disc does not slip but prolapse and the correct terminolgy should be prolapsed intervertabral disc.

We were pleased to see that the editorial and original research paper did in fact get the terminology correct and it was only the sensationalist headline-seeking on the front cover that was inaccurate. It saddens us to see such an eminent journal being so sloppy on its terminology with its 'standards rather than the disc slipping'.

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Competing interests: No competing interests

15 June 2008
Marc Davison
Consultant Anaesthetist
Prof Peter Abrahams
Buckinghamshire Hospitals NHS Trust, HP21 8AL