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BMJ 2008; 337 doi: (Published 14 July 2008) Cite this as: BMJ 2008;337:a809

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retired doctors retention fee

The GMC is pleased to have won the shabby little court case against
retired doctors'exemption from the annual retention fee, not surprising
considering the consequent increased revenue it will bring.
In my day the GMC was a rather remote and highly respected body dealing
with standards of medical education and medical malpractice.Since Shipman
et al it has grown into a large octapus-like organisation with tenticles
extending onto every facet of medical and surgical practice. Since that
time, what has been achieved? It has alienated and removed the trust of
large sections of the Profession, including the majority or retired
With its' statements and publications it has reduced the trust of the
public in the Profession.I fear it is turning a once proud and honourable
profession into a mere trade.
Having reached the age of 85, I will not be paying the retention fee for
the privelege of keeping my name in a book and receiving an unwanted
glossy magazine.So after 60 amicable years and with some sadness I say
farewell GMC, I no longer wish to be associated with such an organisation
Finally to my old Profession I say Bon Voyage, but I fear for your future
R G Williams (retired chest physian and GP) Callington Cornwall

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22 October 2008
roger g williams
cornwall pl17 8dd
perivale hr metherell callington