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Tight control of blood glucose in long standing type 2 diabetes

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ethics of QOF

I am glad to see Chandy sticking to his guns, even if this is because
his income doesn't yet depend on compliance with QOFs.

I wrote to the GMC six years ago asking about the matter of incentives,
and the reply quoted the paragraph (55) in "Good Medical Practice" - "you
must not...accept any inducement... which may affect or be seen to affect
your judgement." Since the incentives are given precisely to encourage
doctors to do what they are not doing (even if they should) the effect of
Lsd on practice is intended and manifest.

The GMC, however, "does not regard target payments.... as "inducements".
...The services do not generally involve decisions about treatment options
or referrals which might be influenced by financial inducements...For
these reasons the GMC does not regard accepting target payments

This is clear sophistry: the gps have not been doing what the DH want them
to do so have had to bribe them to do it. If it is right now, it was right
before the payments came in- but not right enough to do it gratis. A bit
less hypocrisy by all parties would be welcome.

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22 April 2009
Harry Hall
Retired physician