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Comparison of adverse events associated with use of mefloquine and combination of chloroquine and proguanil as antimalarial prophylaxis: postal and telephone survey of travellers

BMJ 1996; 313 doi: (Published 31 August 1996) Cite this as: BMJ 1996;313:525

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Re: Monday's update on mefloquine: editor accused of murder

I took one mefloquine tablet yesterday (not sure of doseage but first
dose one week before travelling to afflicted area). Since then I have
been suffering from my worst experience of insomnia. I did suffer with
insomnia as a teenager,but not since then (now 31) and have no anxiety
disorders or other mental health problems. I have slept a total of around
3 hours in the last 48 hours despite moderate physical activity and my
normal sleep pattern being about 9 hours per 24 hours. Just waiting for
it wear off and I won't be taking anymore.

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28 March 2010
Madeleine B Herkes