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BMJ 2009; 339 doi: (Published 09 September 2009) Cite this as: BMJ 2009;339:b3658

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The solid evidence concerning MMR is too well known for me to need to respond to Stone's fringe views, despite the great harm that his views could do to humankind.

I'm very happy, though, to respond to his question about financial interests. If he had bothered to read right to the end of the short letter that he cites he would have found that it is signed by

David Colquhoun, MBBS

Karam Kostner, MD

Antonio Ferreira-Jardim, BA

University of Queensland

Auchenflower, Australia

I'm not MMBS and I have never worked in Australia. I'm afraid I can take no responsibility for the behaviour of my Australian namesake, whom I have never met. Simple mistakes like this certainly shake my confidence in Stone's ability to assess evidence.

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None declared

Competing interests: No competing interests

15 September 2009
David Colquhoun
Research professor