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Reorganisation of the NHS in England

BMJ 2010; 341 doi: (Published 16 July 2010) Cite this as: BMJ 2010;341:c3843

Rapid Response:

No Evidence, No Consultation, to Reorganisation of the NHS

I cant agree more with Kieran Walshe's article.

In a era, when we preach & practice 'Evidence Based Medicine',
even to start or to stop a drug. Yet when it comes to changing the model
of healthcare system itself, we decide not to bother with Evidence (No
trials / No pilots).

When the government claims that, it is a listening government, I
can't see any consultation happening before Wholesale changes are being
implemented !

As, I am a practising GP, I should be happy with more power pushed
towards GPs, But, thats not the case. Our morale has been zapped with
inconsistent, continuous changes, which are ill-thought, with zero-
consultation and badly implemented.

When they mention about these changes under the cover of efficiency
savings, I don't see even a penny will be saved by these changes. On the
whole (after considering costly redundancies, early retirements, re-
modelling, hampering of smooth delivery of services), it will be a costly

I do wonder if the government are paving the path for private
companies to run the provider arm of these future consortiums!

I feel, to avoid these type of changes happening in future, we should
have an NHS, which is out of the limits of Politicians, which is run by a
committee, formed by senior consultants, senior GPs, patient
representative and managers, who will be keeping the government informed
regarding the needs and functioning of the NHS.

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23 July 2010
siddappa gada
GP Partner
Shotley, Ipswich