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Diagnosis of autism

BMJ 2003; 327 doi: (Published 28 August 2003) Cite this as: BMJ 2003;327:488

A multi-treatment & intervention "home-made"program has helped my daughter to improve....

My Daughter was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 2 yrs and 6 Months.
She had no eye contact , flapped her arms , stood swaying in front of the
TV watching Barney and Sesame Street. You could go up behind her and make
a loud clapping noise and she would not acknowledge it, you couldn't
startle her. After the devasting diagnosis, I started researching
everything I could to help her recover and she has had almost every
therapy in some form or another and now at the age of 13, she craves
relationships with her peers and wants to be like any other teenager!
The therapies she has had over the last 10 years include: Music Therapy,
Hanen Program (A commication program developed in Canada for Parents,
delivered by qualified Speech & Language Therapists), Vitamin Therapy,
DMG (Dimithilglycine) (A Nutrient found in rice, but available in more
adequate amounts from health stores in disolvable tablet form),Omega oils,
Ambrotose ( A Glyconutrient, which the a well known Scientist Magazine
recently wrote a report stating glyconutrients have been proven to aid
cell to cell communication! This is 10 years after I ordered it from the
States and gave it to my daughter! It is now available in the UK),
Homeopathy (from my GP who is an expert in this field, luckily for me and
my daughter!)The homeopathy has helped to detoxify her from the harmful
effects of mercury and aluminium found in vaccines, Sensory Integration
Therapy, Eurythmy Therapy, Art Therapy, to name but a few. I didn't do the
LOVAAS Options or Sunrise programs but used some of the ideas behind these
therapies in every day situations as and when they arose during the
day.She has never swam with the Dolphins either.
I DID stop my daughter hand flapping and other self stimming behaviours,
as I believe as did her Sensory Integration Therapist and her GP, that
while a child is hand flapping or doing any other form of self stimming,
they are not able to be aware whats in the world around them and fall
deeper and deeper in to their own solitairy world! She is now a very
communicative, sociable, teenager who wants to do and achieve the same as
her peers around her. She still has autism but she is now learning how to
live with it and enjoy life and what it has to offer, she is still
learning (and so am I!) but I truely believe if we had not intervened at
an early age she would not be the sociable, communicative young lady she
is today! She loves dancing and has won competitions for it, going in to a
dance hall full of children and adults, with music blaring and dances a
full routine, and can wait and listen for her number to be called out for
recalls!! When she was 4 the main stream school she attended for her first
two years (BIG MISTAKE!) couldn't get her in the assembly hall, without
her putting her hands over her ears and screaming!
She still attends a special centre for young people with ASD and has a lot
more to learn and understand about the world and the concepts and dangers
in it, but she loves life and wants to do everything other teenage girls
of her age want to do! And now she has the coping stategies and people
with the expertise around her, to help her do that!
But as another parent has commented on here, these interventions and
therapies are not readily available, as a parent you are not told about
them, for fear you are given "false hope" and it takes alot of energy to
research and find the therapists to do them, not to mention the cost!
If parents were told about all the possible things they could try and be
allowed to make an informed choice and have the services available to try,
maybe more autistic children would stand a better chance of reaching their
full potential?
My work is not done, there is still more to learn and stages of her life
to help her through.......

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08 February 2009
Carol ine
Mother of an autistic daughter