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The economic impact of pandemic influenza

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Flu Bedside Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis

Flu Bedside Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis.

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in a number of Arch.Intern.Med. Authors have suprisingly stated that flu
diverse type can be diagnosed with sophisticated semeiotics, certainly not
apllicable on very large scale (Impact of Rapid Diagnosis on Management of
Adults Hospitalized With Influenza. Ann R. Falsey, MD; Yoshihiko Murata,
MD, PhD; Edward E. Walsh, MD Arch Intern Med.

In my opinion, intriguing articles, like that just mentioned, are not
updated, since authors unfortunately either ignore or overlook Quantum
Biophysical Semeiotics (
In fact, nowadays it is very difficult to know the real nature of an
infectious disorder at both the bed-side and ER or hospital, as well as to
recognize a lot of cases such as those described in the article, not to
speak of disorders recognizable by means of the academic, orthodox,
physical semeiotics, as allows me to state a 53-year-long clinical
experience. In fact, I am filled with wonder at reading that there are
doctors who are sharing the uncertainty of the value of antibiotics for
acute tonsillitis, pharingitis, bronchitis in the form of written and
verbal advice, although I do not know if these physicians are skill at
performing the advancement in the field of physical examination (1). For
space reasons, I underscore here merely the possibility of recognizing
easily and quickly the “chronic” antibodies synthesis in the spleen during
flu, as well as the spleen “small” antibody production, in case of Gram-
negative bacteria (Esch.coli, HP, a.s.o.), which play a pivotal role in
bed-side diagnosis of virus or Gram-negative infections (1). Moreover,
interestingly doctor can now-a-day observe clinically, and in a
“quantitative”way, the so-called Reticulo- Endothelial-System-Hperfunction
Syndrome (RESH), which parallels with ESR and Proteins Electrophoresis,
but it is “more” sensitive and specific than both (2-3). Certainly, most
adults, and childrens, of course, with acute bronchitis who consult their
general practitioner (as well as University Professors...) will receive
antibiotics, although in many cases antibiotics do not modify the natural
course of the disorder, at all. In my mind, the real problem is to
recognize “clinically” both the nature of infectious disorder and the
actual patient's defence , including antibody and PCR synthesis (in above-
cited website): first, the “ethyological” , complete diagnose, starting
from bedside recognizing all constitutions (ibidem; 4) and, then, the
proper therapy. Nowadays, we can solve such as problem, and a lot of
others…if we are determined to be “open-minded” physicians, Referees and
peer-review's Editors.
As regards differential diagnosis between different types of flu,
parameters values play a central role. In fact, e.g., in the seasonal flu,
latency time of BALT-Gastric Aspecific Reflex is 4-5 sec. (NN = 6 sec.),
intensity less than 3 cm., duration 4 sec. followed by characteristic
tonic Gastric Contraction.
On the contrary, in A flu, intensity is greatest (5 cm,) as well as
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23 November 2009
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