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BMJ 2008; 337 doi: (Published 03 November 2008) Cite this as: BMJ 2008;337:a2389

Doctors are not demigods

“By the authority vested in me, I hereby confer upon you the degree of Doctor
of Medicine.” With these magic words, spoken 37 years ago, the president of
the university sanctified my four years of hell in medical school. But little did I
realize that the hell of sickness and searching for answers had just begun. It
took me decades to realize that traditional healthcare does not have all the
answers, and that alternative healthcare does have some answers. So I find it
disturbing that some medical doctors condemn alternative healthcare, and even
suggest that alternative doctors do not deserve the title of doctor. I believe that
healthcare should be complementary, and that medical doctors should be
complimentary to their alternative colleagues. Despite their exalted status,
medical doctors should strive to be humble, open-minded, and respectful, and
give their patients every opportunity to receive help.

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14 November 2008
Hugh Mann
Eagle Rock, MO 65641 USA